Villani’s Equipment Inc. has been providing heavy equipment and shipping services since 2007.  We ship all over New York State, up to 50 tons and we provide our own escort services for wide loads.  We’ll get your no-obligation shipping quote right away.  Villani’s will move and treat your equipment like it’s our own.

Heavy Equipment Shipping Information

Special shipping considerations must be used for heavy equipment because of its size and weight. Using a specialized hauler that meets the specifications of shipping bulldozers, excavators, tractors, or other heavy industrial and farm equipment ensures safe and efficient hauling. Providing accurate dimensions and weight for the transporter is the first step in shipping heavy equipment. These specifications help the transporter determine if any special considerations need to be made and what is the most appropriate type of transporter. Providing your freight specialist with accurate information allows us to give you a very accurate Heavy Hauling Quote.  For more information in determining the dimensions and weight of your equipment, please consult your owner’s manual or an online equipment specification site, There are various heavy equipment shipping options that can be considered once these dimensions are determined.  It is important to carefully research your options to determine the best choice to fit your needs.

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​Transporting Heavy Equipment